Combo Deals

Combo Deals
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Combo Deal #1

Combo Deal includes: Commercial Half Power Rack 100kg Bumper Plates Olympic Power Bar 20kg ..

$2,167.00 $1,580.00

Combo Deal #2

Combo deal including following items: Heavy Duty Professional Bench Metal Camo Wrist Wraps M..

$1,003.00 $899.00

Dropping Bar & Weights Combo

Deal includes (please click on product links for further info.): Olympic Black Zinc coated dro..


Olympic Hex Bar

A Hex bar is used for training deadlifts and shrugs.  Also great for farmers walk, trap excercises....


MEGA Bar Combo

Awesome combo of olympic bars! POWER BAR (HEAVY DUTY) Olympic weightlifting bar 2200mm.  Made of..