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2-Colour Singlet (IPF approved)

High quality powerlifting, weightlifting and wrestling singlet with METAL Branding on the sides. ..

$120.00 $96.00

Bar & Collars Combo

Deal includes (please click on product links for further info.): Olympic Power Bar Lock Coll..

$364.00 $299.00


High quality IPF approved METAL powerlifting belt. – 11-12mm thick – 4 rows of stiching – Single ..

$210.00 $168.00

Black Catapult

Are you looking to build your lockout? The Metal Catapult can help! It replicates the feel of a b..

$120.00 $102.00

Camo Lifting Straps

Black 'n Grey camo lifting straps High quality straps for training...

$39.00 $35.10

Deadlift Socks

These IPF approved deadlift socks are designed to help save your shins and pull a little smoother. T..

$30.00 $27.00

Knee / Elbow Sleeves (IPF approved)

IPF approved knee/elbow protective sleeves with METAL branding. Available in multiple sizes. Mate..

$115.00 $92.00

Lever Belt

IPF Approved METAL Lever Belt 11-12mm thick 10cm width 6 rows of stiching High quality s..

$225.00 $168.00

Metal Badge T-Shirt

The high quality tee shirt, 100% cotton...

$39.00 $35.10

Mystical Camo Wrist Wraps (IPF approved)

IPF approved METAL Mystical 50cm soft and stretching wrist wraps. Excellent wraps for the powerli..

$65.00 $58.50

Orange Wrist Wraps (IPF approved)

On special, while stocks last. NEW IPF Approved METAL Orange Wrist Wraps. The strongest wraps i..

$75.00 $69.00

Adjustable Bench *Seconds*

Delux Adjustable Bench *Seconds* Base seat does not raise. Assembled Size: 1500L x 702W x 1035..

$295.00 $195.00

Chalk Stand with Bowl

Good strong stainless steel chalk bin on stand...

$129.00 $89.00

Knee / Elbow Sleeves 'M' (IPF approved)

High quality, strong and supportive METAL M Elbow Sleeves will challenge all knee sleeves on the mar..

$115.00 $92.00