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Condition while building strength and endurance with our gym sled weight for all fitness levels and abilities.

Experience the ultimate workout challenge with Powerfit NZ's home gym weight sled - push or pull it to build serious strength and endurance.  Ideal for strongman competitions and team training, and an excellent accessory to any home gym or powerlifting set up.  Contact us  today for more information on our conditioning equipment.
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Farmers Walk Handles (Pair)

Farmers Walk Handles. Great for training fitness and grip. Farmers Walk Handles, with Olympic ..

$299.00 $179.00

Weighted Sled/Power Sled

Weighted Power Sled Push it or pull it, this sled is the perfect training to help develop explosi..

$489.00 $399.00

Red Resistance Band XS (Light Duty)

Resistance Band Light Duty 11-22kg Resistance Dimension 22mm Wide x 2080mm Length (4.5mm Thick)..


Blue Resistance Band S (Medium Duty)

Resistance Band   Medium Duty 22-34kg Resistance Dimension 32mm Wide x 2080mm Length (4.5mm Thic..


Green Resistance Band M (Heavy Duty)

Resistance band. Heavy Duty 45-54kg Resistance Dimension 45mm Wide x 2080mm Length (4.5mm Thick..


Black Resistance Band L (Extra Heavy Duty)

Resistance band. Extra Heavy Duty 54-79kg Resistance Dimension 64mm Wide x 2080mm Length (6.4mm..


Black Catapult

Catapult black. Helps RAW lifting by approximately 30 kilos. Are you looking to build your loc..


Orange Catapult

Catapult orange. Helps RAW lifting by approximately 60 kilos. Are you looking to build your lo..


Silver Catapult

Catapult silver. Helps RAW lifting by approximately 40 kilos. Are you looking to build your lo..