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Power Cage & Racks

Power Cage & Racks
Our comprehensive range covers all your requirements whilst making it easy to choose the best option for your personal needs.

Heavy duty construction, quality engineering and great specifications.

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Squat Stands

In stock now. Adjustable squat stands. Rated to 250kg, and adjustable both in width and in height..

$549.00 $299.00

The Behemoth Rig

It’s a beast of a package at an unbelievable price. Complete package includes: Heavy Duty Pow..

$3,335.00 $2,950.00

Half Rack

In stock now. Available in all-black colour only. Half Rack Includes safety catchers and ba..


Heavy Duty Power Cage

In stock now. Available in all-black and red colour only. Our Heavy Duty power cage, creates a..


Lat Pulldown Attachment

In stock now. Black Only. To fit Powercage. Afterpay/Clearpay available at checkout. ..


Wall Mounted Foldable Rack

DUE IN STOCK JULY 2022 We don't have final pricing, but if you want to reserve your order contact..


Dip Horns (For 60mm box section)

In stock now. Dip Horn attachment for 60mm Box Section. Dip Horns will fit Power Cages. Run..


Spotter Bars (Safety Catcher)

In stock now. Heavy Duty Safeties with front pin, designed to fit onto the uprights to act as saf..


Plate Sleeve Attachment 60mm

In stock now. Plate sleeve attachment for Cages. Perfect plate storage solution to save space ..


Bar Holders (For 60mm Upright)

Order now these are going fast. Bar Holders (Pair) for 60mm (Front Pin) These bar holders are ..


J Hooks 60mm

In stock Now.  J-Hooks (Pair) 2 x J-hooks, designed to fit 60mm box section/cage. Rated to ..